GoldenLife Dog Food™ 
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Package Options

To determine how much to feed your dog, please call customer service or refer to Feeding Recommendations.

1.  FRESH-PACK: Fresh or Frozen, fully-cooked meals.

  1. 8 oz. (replaces one day's fresh meals: contains two (2), 8 oz. Servings*)

  2. Lid & Container Package

  3. Recyclable

  4. Disposable

  5. Microwaveable

2.  BULK PACK – great for multiple dog households!  10% Discount Offer!

  1. Any order of 5 pounds or more of dog food meals.

  2. Delivered frozen in a re-useable cooler.

3.  SPECIAL PACK – Either Turkey or Beef Flavor

  1. Lolli-Pups: Meatball-size meal bites on a lollipop stick, individually wrapped and festively ribboned.

  2. Pupcakes: Meatball-sized meals bites baked in foil cupcake cups and decorated with fresh vegetable or fresh fruit puree “frosting”.


*Smaller size servings may be made available.  Please ask Customer Service representative for details. 

Please Call or Text :  614-307-3894


Online Menu

  1. Personal contact hours: 9 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday (614-307-3894)

                    Voice-Mail message for return call:  24/7

                    Please leave name and contact information (phone number or e-mail address)

  1. See Also:  Monthly Automatic Delivery Program

  1. Five delivery zones in Central Ohio (at this time)

  2. Deliveries are on Tuesdays, please order by Friday the week before delivery.  Product is delivered frozen, packed in a reusable styrofoam cooler with ice packs.  No need for someone to be at home for delivery.

As our foods are fresh-prepared and designed for nutrition, health, and energy, please help us serve both you and your pets' needs.

Meals are made fresh weekly, please be patient if we are ever temporarily out of stock.  Orders will be shipped within 48-72 hours.