A home-prepared diet uses fresh ingredients that you would buy at a grocery or farmer’s market.  The foods are used raw, or are lightly cooked to preserve nutrients and to ease their  digestion.  The prepared food is then cooled to immediately feed your pet, or is refrigerated or frozen for freshness and later use.  Variety and balance over time are the key factors in a home-prepared diet. 

GoldenLife Dog Food™ fresh meals are developed based on the principles of a home-prepared (or home-cooked) diet.  But we do the work!

GoldenLife Dog Food™ 
Food Philosophy

One of the best ways to improve your dog’s health is through diet.  There are many high-quality kibble and canned foods available on the market but feeding your dog a fresh, home-prepared diet can go a long way to improving health and lengthening life.  Home-prepared means you research the recipes for appropriate nutrition, do the shopping, prepare the ingredients, and do the cooking and packaging.

Contrary to popular belief, you should switch your dog’s food on a regular basis. Unless your companion is on a restricted diet for health reasons, it is a good thing to feed a variety of fresh, healthy foods in appropriate amounts.  Dogs bodies are designed to consume a wide variety of different foods to maximize the vitamins and minerals contained in the freshest sources. Feeding the same food, year after year, can actually negatively affect your dog's health. Since there is no perfect food for every dog, rotating food ensures that there are no dietary deficiencies. It also helps prevent food boredom.

Balance Over Time

At GoldenLife Dog Food™, we approach balance from two different aspects:  rotating among different formulas over several weeks and utilizing Food Energetics to help balance the body.

Just like our own meals, balanced nutrition comes with a variety of foods, over the period of a few days or weeks.  Since each food has different nutrients, no single food can meet the nutritional needs of every dog.  Therefore, the best way to achieve overall health is to incorporate various meats (including organ meats), vegetables, fruits and some healthy grains into your dog’s diet.  By feeding a few different food formulations (see Feeding Recommendations), you can be certain that your dog is getting all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for a healthy life.

For specific information on GoldenLife Dog Food™ fresh meals, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or email info@goldenlifedogfood.com.

**These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health problems.  A healthy lifestyle for your dog must include professional veterinary care.  If your dog has serious health issues, talk to your vet before trying any new diets.

Most importantly, providing a variety of foods is HUGE in preventing the development of allergies. By feeding your dog a variety of high quality proteins, vegetables and fruits, you avoid constant exposure to the same ingredients and the development of allergies to those ingredients.

With a home-prepared diet, variety is ESSENTIAL.

While most dogs benefit from a home-prepared diet, not every dog with health problems gets better. 

A home-prepared diet done correctly can help improve a myriad of issues**:  weight problems, Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD) and digestive disorders, allergies, seizures, skin and ear problems, arthritis - the list is long.  Appetite, skin and coat quality, and energy levels are the best indicators as to whether or not any diet is compatible with your individual dog's body.