Fresh Packs are best served directly from the refrigerator.  If you need to take the chill off, you can set the food out approximately 30 minutes before serving or microwave for a few seconds.*  After removing meal from package, break up or cut up to bite size pieces most appropriate for your dog, and place meal in feeding dish. Be sure plenty of fresh water is available.

* Note: microwave heating is not recommended as the meals are already fully cooked.  Microwave heating may reduce some of the nutritional value, so this should only be used on occasion."


When feeding a diet of fresh foods, amounts are normally calculated as a percentage of the dog’s body weight. 

These guidelines contain suggested starting amounts for ADULT DOGS.

Remember, each dog is different and the amount fed will vary based on your individual dog’s metabolism, activity level and age.  Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust amounts accordingly. Is my dog the correct weight?

Do not increase or decrease food by more than 10% at a time.

*** Puppies and Pregnant or Nursing Females have much different nutritional requirements.  Please Contact Us  for the appropriate feeding recommendations***


For your dog, GoldenLife Dog Food™ recommends rotating three to four varieties of meals over the course of a month.  The easiest way to do this is to feed one type of meal for a week, feed the next type the following week, etc.

NOTE:  If your dog is not used to eating a variety of foods, it is always best to transition him or her between formulas by mixing the meals for a couple of days.

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Additional feeding questions?  Email us  or call us at (614) 307-3894 to discuss your individual dog’s needs.

GoldenLife Meals
Daily Feeding Suggestions*
(split between 2 or more meals)

Chicken Medallions

GoldenLife Dog Food™ 
Feeding Recommendations

*Suggestions based on the assumption of use of  GoldenLife Dog Food™ meal alone (not mixed with kibble or canned foods).

You may choose to serve GoldenLife Dog Food™ meals alone, or added to to your premium, holistic kibble or canned foods to provide variety, taste and benefits of fresh ingredients.