Beef and Pork with Fresh Vegetable Meatloaf

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Lean fresh ground beef, exquisitely marbled pork, and sautéed beef liver are combined with whole eggs, baked sweet potatoes (or yams), and a colorful combination of lightly-steamed carrots and dark green kale and spinach.  Loaves are slow-baked, and pre-sliced for easy serving to your eager four-legged pal!




Each ounce is approximately 116 calories

Simply delicious!  Just four fresh ingredients, this meal offers an alternative white-meat protein for your pup.  Hand-trimmed and then freshly-ground pork loin is blended with whole eggs, green beans and then sparked with diced, tart-sweet Granny Smith Apples.  A real attention-getter.  This meal is so good, it is often dinner for the humans who make and trim the meals.

Pork and Apples